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Your Flight was Cancelled? Delayed Flight was 3+ hours?

Get compensation up to € 600 per person.

We will resolve your flight and complications with it for up to 2 years. The claim you can equip ONLINE without time loss.

Whether your flight has been missed, canceled, has not passed yet, has not let you into the airplane or you have any other complications please verify with us the possible amount of compensation and we will indemnify you for compensation.

Our services, until the successful resolution of the claim, are FREE, including legal services.

What amount of compensation can you get?

The amount of compensation always depends on the length of your flight or reason of cancellation.

250 €

1,500 km and less

400 €

between 1,500 and 3,500 km

600 €

over 3,500 km

When do you qualify for Compensation?

It’s easier than you’d expect.


Missed Connections

The right to compensation arises in the event that the customer fails to catch a flight within his destination and a delay in the destination.

Denied Boarding

Entitlement to compensation arises when the passenger has been prevented from boarding an aircraft.

Delayed Flight

The right to compensation arises if the flight delay is in the destination more than 3 hours from the scheduled time of arrival.

Cancelled Flight

The right to compensation arises if cancellation is notified by the airline less than 14 days before the scheduled departure date.

How does the whole process work from the beginning to indemnification?

It’s easier than you’d expect.


1. Submitting a Request

It’s absolutely free. We charge the service fee after receiving the compensation.  Submitting an ONLINE request takes less than 3 minutes of your time. Only after submitting it can we determine whether you are eligible for compensation.

2. Sit down and relax

Enjoy a peaceful atmosphere without stress. Your claim is being enforced by our experienced team of travel law specialists. We will keep you informed of progress at every step. We will fight for your rights.

3. Money on Your Account

We do not charge anything upfront: submitting a claim is free. We work on a „no win, no fee“ basis and only get paid if our clients get paid. If the claim is successful, we keep a 25% commission.